The Undertaker Returns To WWE

Great news for The Undertaker’s fans- the mighty WWE champ has finally confirmed his return to the WWE scene of late. The Deadman did not just confirm his return by accepting Wyatt’s (Bray) challenge but has also threatened to kill the latter at the upcoming Wrestlemania 31.

Wyatt has been actually mocking The Deadman for quite sometime now and it has definitely irked the world famous WWE veteran. According to reports, Bray was seen having fun at Undertaker’s expense on Raw & Smackdown. In fact, he went little overboard a few days back when he took Undertaker’s urn & poked fun at it. Moreover, he even asked Undertaker to nod to his challenge & face him in WrestleMania 31.

As Bray announced the challenged, lights went out suddenly & smoke started oozing out from the urn. Wyatt was so scared that he couldn’t help but dropped his mic. A voice came up out of nowhere saying “You would RIP.”

Brian Stann says issues with drug-testing made him walk away from MMA

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is not the only fighter who quit Mixed Martial Arts because he was upset about the manner in which drug testing was conducted in the sport.

Brian Stann recently revealed at a talk show that the major reason for him retiring from the UFC at the end of 2013 because he was concerned about the increase in the use of performance enhancing drugs and that it wasn’t being stringently enough.

He said that it was a major reason for him walking away from the sport. He added that knowing that he was not getting a fair crack played a huge role in his decision.