Enzo Calzaghe advises Cleverly to stay at Light Heavyweight

Enzo Calzaghe, father and former trainer of legendary Welsh boxer Joe, has said that Nathan Cleverly is on the verge of committing a huge mistake by moving up a weight class.

The Welshman thinks that his fellow countryman would do a lot better if he stuck around at Light Heavyweight instead of making his planned move up to Cruiserweight. Enzo has never been one who has minced his words, no matter how hurtful that might be for the people concerned and he has shed some light on why he thinks this latest move by the popular Welshman could cost him a stellar career.

Enzo, who trained Joe to the Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight titles in an unbeaten career, has said that if Nathan Cleverly was his protégé and asked for his opinion, he would tell him to stay at Light Heavyweight. He added that the Welshman hasn’t knocked out more than two people in his career and he lacks that punch in his armor.

The senior Calzaghe also believes that he should have given himself another chance at Light Heavyweight and cannot understand why he thinks his time at the division is up. He believes Cleverly could have fulfilled his immense potential if he stuck around at Light Heavyweight and not make a knee jerk reaction by moving up to Cruiserweight.

He added that with enough training and focus, Cleverly could become a top fighter of championship caliber once again.

According to Enzo, most fighters are Cruiserweight come down from Heavyweight and so, Nathan Cleverly will be facing a fighter who was a Heavyweight earlier in his career more often than not. Moreover, he will have to put on twenty five pounds to make the weight class and that can be the most difficult task to accomplish for him.