Manu Ntoh & Brian Stann – (Scene from – The French Connect)

Brian StannVideo clip Ranking: four / 5

23 Responses to “Manu Ntoh & Brian Stann – (Scene from – The French Connect)”

  1. dragonfist25 says:

    I hate the music too.

  2. sebaale91 says:

    I am Italian and of course I rooted for Alessio Sakara, but I must say that besides being a talented fighter, Brian Stann is a very good person and in Italy we really appreciated his act of “mercy” towards our Legionario. He demonstrated professionalism and discipline and for a fighter, that’s all! I wish you a great future UFC Brian and why not a rematch against Alessio!

  3. JonCollins008 says:


  4. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    Stann needs to join a wrestling camp and get his wrestling up to par for the UFC

  5. JusticeSpray says:

    Passover, off the Closer album.

  6. darthsid11111 says:

    Do you know what song, pray chance?

  7. bunerzissou says:

    sick music, seems a little too unamerican for brian aka guile stann.

  8. lilCHRON1C says:

    brian is a beast

  9. lakeolympia says:

    It must have been those mitts that came and disliked this video

  10. johnatfightersonly says:

    this is outstanding 

  11. Vivernlie says:

    Muay Thai is outstanding but wtf with the music?

  12. jdtate51 says:

    who is the one idiot who would dislike this?

  13. Fullpowe911 says:

    BRIAN STANN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. JusticeSpray says:

    JOY DIVISION!!!!!!!!!

  15. fantomseed says:

    Stann is the man , I asked for an autograph and he sent me one

  16. jrufus11 says:

    Goldie on fox “Brian Stann one of the strongest mentally and physically man in the world” OK Goldie his good but captain America is only comic hero

  17. Thydeepestfear says:

    I knew when they matched him up with Sakara that they planned it so that Stann wouldnt fear the takedown but I still believe that Stann being a man of Pride and determination wouldnt sit idly by knowing that his grappleing is shit. He knocked out Santiago with Joe Silva knowing that he could have easily tapped out Stann. Over all I 31 isnt end of your carrier status so we’ll see if they do give him Bisping

  18. ftwbk says:

    brian stann is a nice guy who is probably more aware of his limitations than any of his critics. he is a decorated veteran who clearly takes the fighting arts seriously and wants to learn as much as he can. he doesn’t have to be doing this but is prob having a good time and enjoys what he’s doing.

  19. fkncody says:

    Congrats on Brian’s win. KO.

  20. dontwalkdontrun says:

    Potential? He is 31 with no grappling background and he has not shown any improvement on the ground. Krystof Soszynski, Phil Davis, and Chael Sonnen have all showed that you can just take him down. The UFC keeps matching him up with brawlers and he beats them, but really he is an overrated Can Crusher. Hector Lombard is better in every way than Brian Stann.

  21. Thydeepestfear says:

    People arent impressed with Stann because hes accomplished so much its because of the potential he has to become great. He has the mentality of a leader and a champion, so all he needs now is the skill set and the right coach to capitalize on his potential. I actually met him when I went to UFC live on FOX in anaheim and I can tell you that when you meet him you know that your meeting someone great.

  22. dontwalkdontrun says:

    Alessio Sakara is a can. Am I the only one not impressed by Brian Stann? He is insanely strong, and if you stand in front of him he can KO you, but he does not have the skills on the ground! I would like to see him KO Bisping, but I think he is the Cheick Kongo/Gatekeeper of the middleweight division.

  23. Mrgueffects says:

    That Muay Thai did look good in his fight ESP the those knees