Derek Brunson opines that Michael Bisping would come out winner at the clash with Georges St Pierre at UFC 217 on November 4. The Englishman won the title after defeating Luke Rockhold despite the short notice. He successfully defended the title against Dan Henderson last October but he is taking his time to get big fights for mega pay day before he retires.

Bisping ‘The Count’ has been criticized by Brunson for holding up the division and delaying fights with top contenders. Fans and analysts seem to prefer the interim champ Robert Whittaker and Brunson seems to agree.

Brian Stann Recent Interview Covers

Saturday there is a fight coming up on FOX UFC Fight Night where the broadcast team would be having Brian Stann to provide his expert views as a retired middleweight fighter.

He would be calling the righteous live from the venue of the event in Kansas City. Brian currently covers several fights and speaks to the fights on and off the ring to provide updates about fights and events to fans and readers on blogs and forums.

The XM Rush show called Toe-2-Toe is run by Stann and Sirius. Having been a former champion in the lightweight category, when Brian asked Eddie Alvarez about his UFC 205’s involvement, he states that he would call it one of the disastrous chapters of his fighting career. Retracing the steps of his fights in this phase, there had been a fight where Eddie suffered defeat emphatically to Conor McGregor.


There is no arguing that Yoel Romero made a significant impression with his knockout triumph over Chris Weidman at UFC 205 in New York City.

The powerful Cuban fighter has gathered a perfect 8-0 record within the Octagon and appears poised to challenge champion Michael Bisping for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight belt rights in 2017.

However, Romero’s actions come at a cost. Like his unwillingness to move away from of his stool before the third round of his fight with Tim Kennedy at UFC 178, “Soldier of God” performed more mid-fight antics at UFC 205, wittingly dumping water all over his body between rounds. UFC color commentator and ex- middleweight contender Brian Stann was not too pleased with Romero’s shadiness; he said the following during a recent appearance on Sirius XM.

Stann claims that Romero will do anything, bending the rules, anything possible and that in his opinion, he should to be stopped. He charged the commissions to see, and look back on the film in an effort to put the act to a halt.

The Undertaker Returns To WWE

Great news for The Undertaker’s fans- the mighty WWE champ has finally confirmed his return to the WWE scene of late. The Deadman did not just confirm his return by accepting Wyatt’s (Bray) challenge but has also threatened to kill the latter at the upcoming Wrestlemania 31.

Wyatt has been actually mocking The Deadman for quite sometime now and it has definitely irked the world famous WWE veteran. According to reports, Bray was seen having fun at Undertaker’s expense on Raw & Smackdown. In fact, he went little overboard a few days back when he took Undertaker’s urn & poked fun at it. Moreover, he even asked Undertaker to nod to his challenge & face him in WrestleMania 31.

As Bray announced the challenged, lights went out suddenly & smoke started oozing out from the urn. Wyatt was so scared that he couldn’t help but dropped his mic. A voice came up out of nowhere saying “You would RIP.”